Sorry, but you are too thin and healthy for us.

I don’t know if I should be happy about this statement or not. Today, I talked to someone from the Interdisciplinary Obesity Center of the Charité, Berlin, because the conditions to participate in their Obesity Balance Program were not clear. She asked me if I have diabetes (mellitus type II) or problems with my blood pressure, both signs for a metabolic syndrome. I honestly replied, that, up to now, I am neither insulin dependent nor do I take pills against high blood pressure. Then she calculated my BMI and – ta da! – I am not suitable for their program.

If you reside in Berlin, have a BMI over 40 and some severe issues with your health, which are based in a metabolic syndrome, you definitely should participate in this conservative weight loss program, which, and this is very important, hasn’t been setup to prepare you for a minimally invasive procedure.


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