Getting reading for a BBQ

You know the feeling, when you expect friends (or “friends”) to visit you and your apartment looks like a bloody mess?

I procrastinated the whole week, because after walking almost 10km each day with a pushchair in front of me and afterwards a very lively baby around me, I hadn’t been exceptionally motivated to do all the necessary courses.

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He looks like the dust under my sofa. 😉

Now, I have 5 hours left…

And what should I say? I don’t care. We have a little baby now and yes, there will be some wooden toys lying on the floor and some soft toys on the sofa AND the cat’s hair will probably be on the whole furniture as well.

Wenn meine Gäste ein Problem damit haben, haben sie es umsonst. Wir leben nun als Familie und da sieht es nicht mehr jeden Tag danach aus, als wäre die Putzfrau gerade vorbeigekommen.


Tbe BBQ went well and now, I am lying on the sofa, a bit drunk, listening to really good music. 😉