2nd Day

I stayed strong at work, drank only two cups of coffee and a huge bottle of water and ate my spinach-cheese-ham roll. But, after coming home and bringing my child to bed, the recently bought pizza smiled at me. No worries, I will have enough time this week to compensate these useless calories.

How do you distract yourself from eating (unhealthy)? Do you cheat often or stick to your plan, for example 16:8 or 5:2? What are your eating habits? I really appreciate your feedback.

Have a great day, night or morning!





1st Day

My depression really got me this morning, but I managed it to get up after lunch time and start a new to do-list for today. The kohlrabi soup is boiling and will be seasoned with herbs and eventually with some cream. Tonight, I will prepare my business lunch for tomorrow and try a (for me) new low carb spinach roll with cooked ham. Although the knees and feet are hurting, doing some sports is also on the list as well as doing the necessary housework. Furthermore, I will cancel my dinner today. Small steps in the right direction.

Feel free to comment, criticize, motivate.

New incentive to lose weight

As I was not meeting my goal at the end of the last year, my husband gave me a new incentive to lose weight. He mocked me by saying that he will sell his appartment, in which my mother-in-law lives, and buy us a house. I know, it isn’t a noble goal, but an agreement is an agreement. This one involves reducing the waist circumference by 40 cm within one year. Wish me luck.



Wenn die Tage wieder länger werden und die Sonne sich wieder zeigt, frage ich mich oft, was das bevorstehende Jahr bringen wird. Wohin werde ich wohl von meinem Arbeitgeber gesetzt, welche bescheidene Stelle wollen sie mir dieses Mal aufdrücken? Natürlich ohne Gehaltssteigerung, obwohl ich in den letzten Jahren so oft gezeigt habe, wie vielseitig ich mich einbringen kann und wie schnell ich mir autodidaktisch Wissen aneignen kann. Es ist einfach ein Trauerspiel.

Im sozialen Umfeld ist ebenfalls einiges vorgefallen, zuletzt sind zwei nahe Bekannte verstorben, einer weit vor seiner Zeit. Der Freundschaftskreis ist immer noch viel zu klein oder anders gesagt: Mein Mann ist weiterhin ein Tausendsassa und kennt Hinz und Kunz in seinem Beritt. Ich habe zwei engere Bekannte.

Auf der Waage sah es zwischenzeitlich besser aus und ich dachte, der Knoten wäre geplatzt. Durch den Stress bin ich wieder in meine alten Muster verfallen und – zack – war das Gewicht wieder drauf. Ich weiß wirklich nicht, was ich noch machen soll.

Vielleicht soll ich ja fett bleiben.

Letztens hatte ich mir etwas ganz Ungewöhnliches getraut und ein Fotoshooting gemacht. Es hat wahnsinnig viel Spaß gemacht und ich dachte, die Bilder müssten wirklich gut geworden sein. Denkste. Eigentlich müsste icb mir meine Wohnung mit den Bildern tapezieren…


It has been a long time since I started this blog and some things changed enormously in my life and others just persisted.

My son is a neverending source of happiness, yet he can be very exhausting, while discovering his new abilities and the world. Right now he is in the kindergarden and I have some time for the household. While putting the clothes in the right drawers, I thought about some obstacles in my life accompanying myself for a very long time, e.g. the stillstand of my academic “career”.

My first studies came to an end because I became really, really sick and was wrongly diagnosed. I moved on and absolved a vocational training. Afterwards, I entered the work life and from the first day on, I felt uncomfortable. This wasn’t my life and my preferred profession and so on. After another period of illness, I commenced studying another subject which I wasn’t in love with, but taking a degree in it looked very promising. And, guess what? Yes, I became ill again.

As the years went by and my professional life turned into a complete disaster, I thought, I should try it again and – yes – started a third attempt. Unfortunately,  some colleagues know about my history and subtly try to discourage me. They started their career at an early age, gained profitable experience at international institutions and had the chance to work in various professional environments. Really, I am not jealous and happy for their luck and for this reason I don’t understand their reaction on my current studies.

To sum up the whole thing in a nutshell: I somehow have to break this vicious cycle and don’t have myself distracted from reaching my personal aims.



Greasy and tasteless

My husband convinced me to stop at McDonald’s and I agreed on ordering a menu.

It would have been better if I hadn’t eaten the stuff.

How can people consume this crap every day?

Not only the burger (518 cal.) but also the french fries (379 cal.) had been greasy and tasteless and their consistence was flabby and soggy. So many calories later and I am neither full let alone satisfied.

Thus, a further decision was made: No more McDonalds and Burger King from now on. And I really feel good with it.

Slave to the rhythm

My child woke up at 4 am. He got his first meal and didn’t fall asleep again. Since his “Eingewöhnung”, he has an own rhythm, which won’t change just because another weekend is knocking at the door. So I got up and played with him.

I am a bit exhausted now. Yesterday, I finally made it to the gym, working out for about an hour. It empowered me and made so much fun.

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Until, yes, until I went to the bathroom, where a very large, merciless mirror waited, showing me how badly I have been treating me body and skin the last few years. The shock was immense and I immediately felt ashamed of my lack of discipline.

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There has something to be done on a daily basis. Walking 10.000 or more steps each day will not be enough. Any suggestions?